Asphalt surfacing is a more expensive option than chip-seal but does provide a heavy-duty and long-lasting pavement solution. The depths in which it is laid varies, depending on if it is a commercial or residential project. On a typical commercial hardstand area or residential subdivision project, the pavement design would call for 25mm-60mm of asphalt on a grade 5 membrane seal (single coat chip seal) this helps it to adhere to the constructed pavement. Often on these sized jobs, we would use our asphalt paving machine that spreads the asphalt out in an even mat from 2.6 – 5.0metre wide runs. On a residential driveway depending on the size, we would either hand-lay the asphalt or use the paving machine.

Driveway pavement designs can also vary between 25mm-40mm depending on the client’s requirements.

As with the chipseal, asphalt can be used to overlay old or failing chip seal or existing asphalt pavements. This uses the same method to lay the asphalt at varying depths, but only after the existing pavement failures are either dugout and reconstructed or using asphalt to patch any potholes or low areas. This is a very cost-effective option, as you don’t have the cost of a full reconstruction of the existing pavement.

Check out some asphalt case studies:
Highland Drive Subdivision
CJ Industries were awarded the contact at 134 Champion Rd to build a 20-lot subdivision.  CJ Industries completed all works on this project from start to finish. This scope of work included excavation and filling of 25,000m3 of clay to build roads and house platforms.  This was a challenging site because of its proximity to an earthquake fault line and weak soil structures.  Each lot...
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Mitre 10 Demolition
CJ Industries were awarded the demolition of the local Mitre 10 Motueka and construction of the new building foundations and car park. Scope included: Demolition of existing buildings and sort materials for recycling Excavate building foundations and prep new building floor with laser machine control Construct pavement for new asphalt car park including kerb and channel and dish channel and concrete panel retaining construction. Construction...
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CJ Industries have been involved in building residential and commercial subdivisions in the Nelson, Tasman District for 40 years. Many skills and efficiencies have been gained over these years.

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First coat chip seal is a very cost-effective option that will provide customers with a course surface that not only preforms well but looks great too.

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