First coat chip seal is a very cost-effective option that will provide customers with a course surface that not only performs well but looks great too. Typically, we offer a two-coat chip seal option as a pavement treatment. This combines a total of two layers of emulsion with a larger sized chip on the first layer and a smaller chip on the second. The smaller chip locks into the larger chip to provide a sound running course on the constructed pavement.

Another option for an old or failing chip seal or asphalt pavement, is a reseal. This uses the same materials as a first coat chip seal, but the construction method is different. The existing pavement is swept prior to failures either being dugout and reconstructed or simply using asphalt to patch any potholes or low areas. Once again, this is a cost-effective option to rejuvenate the existing pavement surface.

Check out some chip-seal case studies:
Highland Drive Subdivision
CJ Industries were awarded the contact at 134 Champion Rd to build a 20-lot subdivision.  CJ Industries completed all works on this project from start to finish. This scope of work included excavation and filling of 25,000m3 of clay to build roads and house platforms.  This was a challenging site because of its proximity to an earthquake fault line and weak soil structures.  Each lot...
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Tahunanui Beach Carpark
CJ Asphalt were awarded the contract by Downer supply and lay 25mm asphalt to overlay the existing failing chip sealed car park area at the Tahunanui beach. The scope included: Site setout Milling of existing high areas and key into existing kerb and channel Asphalt pre-levelling Supply and apply an emulsion tack-coat Supply and lay of 25mm of asphalt to the prepared pavement
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