Demolition is a critical component in a lot of our projects, and the technical challenges can often pose a significant risk to its overall success.

CJ Industries Ltd eliminates the risk by engaging past experience as well as having access to a selection of machinery and plant appropriate for the job.

Issues of sustainability are becoming increasingly important within this industry. CJ Industries are committed to recycling and our capability to recycle waste helps our clients achieve critical sustainability targets.

Check out some demolition case studies:
Dam Spillway
CJ Industries were awarded the contract to repair an existing spillway from a dam on an orchard near Mahana. CJ Industries worked with a local engineer to construct a strengthened dam wall and spillway from reinforced concrete. The works included: Designing an improved spillway and working in conjunction with an engineer to meet compliance standards Demolish the existing spillway Install rock sub-base and subsoil drains...
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Mitre 10 Demolition
CJ Industries were awarded the demolition of the local Mitre 10 Motueka and construction of the new building foundations and car park. Scope included: Demolition of existing buildings and sort materials for recycling Excavate building foundations and prep new building floor with laser machine control Construct pavement for new asphalt car park including kerb and channel and dish channel and concrete panel retaining construction. Construction...
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Concrete Driveways

CJ Industries construct various forms of concrete driveways ranging between small 1m2 patches to 1500m2 decorative driveways and entrance-ways.

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Asphalt surfacing is a more expensive option than chip-seal but does provide a heavy-duty and long-lasting pavement solution.

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