Our Quarries

There are two types of quarries CJ Industries extract rock from.

Alluvial Rock.

This rock over thousands of years erodes off the mountains and travels down the river systems moved by water flow and deposited over the river flood plains. CJ Industries obtain Resource Consents to extract this alluvial gravel from the flood plains of the Motueka river. This material is then washed and sized and is used for high value products such as sealing chip, sand and stone used in concrete production.

Hard Rock.

CJ Industries owns and manages 3 Hard Rock Quarries in the Tasman District. This rock needs to be blasted or ripped with heavy machinery from the hillside. This material is then crushed to different sizes and mainly used for road and building foundation construction.

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We have specialised equipment and experience in all types of earthworks ranging from small residential developments to large projects.

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CJ Industries have been involved in building residential and commercial subdivisions in the Nelson, Tasman District for 40 years. Many skills and efficiencies have been gained over these years.

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