I’d like to congratulate CJ Industries for the awesome and always tidy job they are doing on lowering and widening (slightly) the sides of the Moutere Hill Rd.

When they first started on the top of the hill, we were led to believed that a long passing lane was going in on the west side to help with traffic flow. Sadly, this didn’t happen.

I’m not sure if CJ Industries had undertaken roadwork's prior to this contract on the Moutere Hill before as the first job seemed to take forever. Now, on the east side they are humming along nicely, with friendly staff who always wave and smile. It all makes for happy and safe motoring.


M Brown. 

Upper Moutere, September 26


Hi there,


I just wanted to congratulate you on your high level of customer service we received last weekend. I really appreciated the phone calls and communication because you were running late, and then to top it off a bottle of wine by way of apology for the lateness was amazing. This does not happen a lot these days unfortunately, and it is awesome to see people who still care about their customers and business.

My builder has said he would make sure you are the first point of call for all future work because of the high level of service. I am in business myself, and I know we do not always hear the good things, so I just wanted to say—Thanks! :)




Shannan Clarke

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